IR Lenses for Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • The single  FOV lenses designed for uncooled FPA detectors in long wavelength infrared range (LWIR) are offered, with manual or motorized mechanism and in large focus range of 3mm to 400mm. Just select from the listed modules, if your applications is special, please contact with us, our experienced engineers will design the custom lens module for you.
  • the double FOV IR lenses and continuous zoom IR lenses used in long wavelength infrared range (LWIR) uncooled thermal imaging cameras are offered, the lenses are designed for a variety of uncooled FPA detectors at 8-12μm.
  • It is essential to maintain focus over wide change of the environmental temperature in some applications, the optical and mechanical design of the lenses will maintain the focus position passively, without power, during the changes of the environmental temperature. Shalom EO offers the athermal lenses for LWIR FPA detectors, the designed modules are listed and the custom modules are available upon customer's request. 
  • The lenses are designed for 640x480-25μm FPA detectors used in long wavelength infrared range (LWIR) uncooled thermal imaging cameras, with manual or motorized mechanism and in wide range of focal length, the single FOV, double FOV and continuous zoom lenses are available. The listed designed modules are ready for your selection and the customs modules are available upon customer's request

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