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Laser Crystals

  • Diffusion Bonding Crystals are crystals consisting of two, three or more parts with different types, Bonding Crystals are usually used to decrease thermal lens effect, that is conducive to the stability of lasers and high-power laser operation. This bonding technology in laser applications can not only greatly improve the laser performance and beam quality, but also conducive to the integration of laser systems and access to large-size crystal.
  • Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet - Nd:YAG laser crystals has been and would continue to be the most popular lasing media for solid-state lasers. Good fluorescence lifetime, thermal conductivity and robust nature make Nd:YAG laser crystals suitable for high power continuous wave, high intensity Q-switched and single mode operation. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the standard Nd:YAG rods with AR coating at 1064nm and also offer the custom rods or crystals with special coating upon customer's special request.  
  • Neodymium doped Gadolinium Vanadate or Nd:YVO4 crystal is one of the most efficient laser host crystal for DPSS lasers. Its large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength, high absorption coefficient and wide absorption bandwidth at pump wavelength, high damage threshold as well as good physical, optical and mechanical properties make Nd:YVO4 an excellent crystal for high power, stable and cost effective DPSS lasers. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the Nd:YVO4 with Nd doping range of 0.1%-3% and with size up to Diam20x20mm.
  • Er:YAG is an excellent laser crystal which lases at 2.94 μm, This wavelength is the most readily absorbed into water and hydroxylapatite of all existing wavelengths and is considered a highly surface cutting laser.It has wide applications in medical applications, such as dental (hard tissues), orthopedics, etc.
  • Ytterbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet or Yb:YAG is a laser media used in DPSS laser of very good overall performance. It is more suitable for diode-pumping than the traditional Nd-doped systems. It can be pumped at 0.94 μm laser output. Compared with the commonly used Nd:YAG crystal, Yb:YAG crystal has a much larger absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a longer upper-state lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading per unit pump power. Yb:YAG crystal is expected to replace Nd:YAG crystal for high power diode-pumped lasers and other potential applications.
  • Titanium doped Sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) is the most widely used laser crystal for widely tunable and ultrashort pulsed lasers with high gain and high power outputs. The Ti:Sapphire crystals of ShalomEO is grown by the method of Temperature Gradient Technique (TGT), the large-sized (Dia.30x 30mm) Ti:Sapphire crystal in high quality free of light scatter, with the dislocation density less than 102cm-2 could be provided. The TGT grown sapphire crystal is characterized by the (0001) oriented growth, high doping level (a490= 4.0cm-1), high gain and laser damage threshold.
  • Cr:Tm:Ho:YAG is a kind of excellent laser crystal emitting at 2.1um wavelength. Due to its advantages: high slope efficiency, excellent operation at room temperature and output eye-safe wavelength laser light, CTH:YAG are widely used in medical laser systems, such as surgery, dentistry, therapeutic and others. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the CTH:YAG rods with coating upon customer's request.
  • Nd:Ce:YAG crystal is an excellent laser material used for no-water cooling and miniature laser systems. The (Nd, Ce): YAG laser rod we produce has the characteristics of high efficiency, low threshold, anti-violet radiation and high repetition frequency for lasers operation. It has achieved the international advanced level. It is the most ideal laser material for the high repetition air cooling lasers. It suitable for different modes of operation (cw, pulsed , Q-switched, mode locked, doubling of frequency ) and high-average power lasers.

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