Pixellated Arrays

  • Multilayer Scintillation Arrays are often used to improve the resolution of PET (Position Emission Tomography), BGO, LYSO(Ce) are usual crystals used in multilayer scintillation arrays, and sometimes the lightguide is added, the accurate size and gaps of the each pixels and whole arrays are critical for mulitlayer arrays. Hangzhou Shalom EO provide the customized multilayer arrays, we are able to make multilayer scintillation arrays upto 4~5 layers. 
  • YSO(Ce) - Yttrium Orthosilicate:Cerium (Y₂SiO₅:Ce) - scintillation crystals are relatively bright, have an emission maximum at 420nm and are relatively fast with a decay time of c.60ns. Owing to its excellent time and energy resolution, YSO(Ce) Scintillation Crystal is widely used in radiation detection, dosimetry, and security industries.  Hangzhou Shalom EO supplies the YSO(Ce) arrays according to customer's drawings with high accuracy in dimension, and we'll measure the value of energy resultion (ERL)  for each pieces of crystal elements.  For more information on YSO (Ce) scintillators, click: YSO (Ce) scintillators.
  • CsI(Tl) arrays have been widely used in X-ray security inspection systems, we design and develop the pixelated CsI(Tl) crystal in reflection coating, the TiO2 is used as the reflector/separator between each single element, the configuration can be linear, 2D array or other special design, with high resolution and high sensitive properties to achieve excellent imaging quality.
  • LYSO(Ce) array was fabricated into matrix configurations used in Position Emission Tomography(PET) facility, included the whole body, small animal and specific organ like brain, thyroid and breast. We design and develop pixelated LYSO(Ce) crystal in single layer array, or dual layers with depth of interaction(DOI) capability, by which the high spatial resolution can be acquired. The pixel can be small as 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm, the reflector between each pixel we used is BaSO4 or white plastic, the vikuiti Enhanced Specular Reflector(ESR) film was available upon request.  
  • BBGO array is a good material which has been found a wide range of applications in high energy physics, nuclear physics, space physics, nuclear medical imaging (especially CT, PET) and geological exploration, etc.  Hangzhou Shalom EO supplies the BGO arrays according to customer's drawings in high dimension accuracy, the engergy resolution (ERL) of each crystals elements will be measured, the reflector materials of BSO4, TiO2, teflon and the Enhanced Specular Reflector (RSR) film is available for your choice. For more info on BGO crystals, click: BGO crystals.
  • CdWO4 arrays has wide applications, its extremely low afterglow property is of great importance of fast inspection, especially in the cargo container of customs, while in the X-CT equipment due to its relatively high light output, high density and strong prevention of X-ray property, also in the high energy physics because of its strong anti-radiation. The linear CdWO4 arrays of 1x8,1x6,1x32, 1x64....elements and 2-D arrays of 6x10, 12x18, 24x36..... are available, and customized arrays ccording to customer's drawing are also available upon request. 
  • GAGG(Ce) has the best light output in all series of oxide crystal. It is one of the brightest available scintillators with an emission peak at 520nm. Besides, it has good energy resolution, High density, non-selfradiation, Non- hygroscopic. The GAGG(Ce) arrays are widely used in ToF-PET, PEM, SPECT, CT , X-ray detection.  Hangzhou Shalom EO supplies the GAGG(Ce) arrays according to customer's drawing with high accuracy in dimension, the various types of reflectors: BSO4, TiO2, Teflon and Enhanced Specular Reflectors (ESR) films are available.  For more information on GAGG(Ce) scintillators, click: GAGG(Ce) scintillators.
  •  When the dimension of the scintillating crystals or arrays is unmatched with the target read out system, a light guide is needed to match them. Hangzhou Shalom EO provide the light guide made from BK7 optical glass according to your requirements, please contact with me when you need the light guide.

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