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MgO:PPLN Crystals Series Products

  • PPLN crystals is  used as the frequency conversion element, it converts 1123nm laser to 561nm laser, the 1123nm laser is generated from Nd:YAG crystals pumped by 808nm LD, the PPLN crystals and Nd:YVO4 crystals is bonded on a silicon substrate, then the whole component is wrapped by the copper heat-sink.
  • the MgO:PPLN crystals chips of SHG of 1550nm laser are offerred, it can generate 775nm laser light. The crystals chips is small in size and easy to be assembled into your DPSS laser systems.
  • Shalom EO offers the MgO:PPLN crystals for Optical Parametric Oscillations (or OPO ) applications, we could provide the custom PPLN crystals upon customer's request. Please tell us your need and contact with us, we’ll design and provide suitable crystals for you.

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