The scintillating crystals and plastic scintillators, substrates, scintillation detectors and arrays are provided, a variety module of the NaI(Tl) crystals and detectors, high quality arrays of LYSO(Ce), CsI(Tl) or CdWO4 are offered. Our scintillating materials include: LYSO(Ce), YSO(Ce), LSO, BGO, YAP(Ce), YAG(Ce), LuAG(Ce), CsI(Na), NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl), CaF2(Eu), BaF2 and plastic scintillators. These products are widely used in X-ray detections, PET machines, atomic and nuclear ray and electron ray detections, cut and polished components and arrays and PMT assembly detectors are available for your applications.