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Germanium lenses
Germanium lenses (Ge lenses) is commonly used in IR imaging systems typically operating in the 2 µm to 16 µm spectral range, covers the LWIR (8-12μm) and MWIR (3-5μm) thermal imaging applications. Gerrmanium has the highest refractive index of commonly available IR-transmitters and has low optical dispersion. This makes it desirable in aspects of lens design where its refractive index allows otherwise impossible specifications to be built. Germanium can be AR coated with Diamond producing an extremely tough front optic, and it is often used as the front optics in lens group. Germanium is more rugged than other IR materials, but caution should be taken for high temperature applications where the material will become opaque in the IR realm as the temperature rises. Beside the general spherical surface lenses, Hangzhou Shalom EO also provide the aspherical surface lenses made by SPDT (Single Point Diamond Turning) technique.