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ZnSe Focusing Lenses for CO2 Lasers

Focusing lenses is indispensable part of the CO2 laser systems for laser processing (cutting, punching, welding, graving, etc) and other kind of applications, ZnSe are often used to make the CO2 laser focusing lenses. Two series of CO2 laser lenses:  Plano-convex series lenses and meniscus series lenses are developed and available in our stock for your choice.

AR coating is always critical for the laser optics, our coating is high damaging threshold, durable and wiping-resistant, with a high transmittance of T≥99.5%@10.6mm for AR/AR coating. Our meniscus series lenses are optimal design in diffraction and aberration, which makes the laser beam has a minimum beam-spot diameter. Hangzhou Shalom EO also offer the optimal design service for your meniscus lenses.