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CZT (CdZnTe) Pixellated Detectors (CZT-PX01 series)

The CZT (or CdZnTe) semiconductor detector is a pixellated array with an effective Z of 50 and a density of 5.8 g/cm3. Gamma rays enter the CZT semiconductor detector and are directly converted to electron hole pairs. These charges (electrons and holes) then drift towards positive and negative electrodes, respectively, inducing electrical output signals.Hangzhou Shalom EO provides the CZT-PX01 series CdZnTe pixellated detectors based on CZT semiconductor techniques, with a unique electrode design, our CZT pixellated detectors have excellent energy resolution and spatial resolution. The detectors are fit for a variety of gamma ray detection applications: space probe, industrial inspection, nuclear science and technology, homeland security, environment detection ect.