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CdWO4 Arrays

Cadmium tungstate (CdWO4) is a high density, high atomic number scintillator with relatively high light yield, and extreme low after glow. The after glow at 3ms is less than 0.1%. The emission maximum is at 475nm and the total light output is 12 to 15 photons/keV. The light yield relative to NaI(Tl) on a bialkali PMT is 30 to 50%. The high density and stopping power of CdWO4 make it an efficient absorber, particularly for high energy X-ray. It takes only 3mm to stop up to 150keV photons.

CdWO4 arrays are widely used in X-CT equipment, it has extremely low afterglow property, which is of great importance of fast inspection, especially in the cargo container of customs, while in the X-CT equipment due to its relatively high light output, high density and strong prevention of X ray property, also in the high energy physics because of its strong anti-radiation.