CsI(Tl) scintillators
Thallium activated Cesium Iodide or CsI(Tl) crystals is one of the brightest scintillator.  The maximum of the broad emission situated at 550nm is is well suited for photodiode readout. It has excellent mechanical properties, with a light yield four-times higher than that of BGO and a radiation length shorter than that of NaI(Tl). CsI(Tl) is slightly hygroscopic with plastic mechanical properties. Combined with the relatively good radiation hardness properties, CsI(Tl) is well suited for High Energy Physics. CsI(Tl) arrays are widely used in the medical and security X-Ray CT. 
Hangzhou Shalom EO supplies the CsI(Tl) blanks, polished crystals, encapsulated scintillators and CsI(Tl) arrays, CsI(Tl) array +PD assemblies, 2-dimension arrays upon customer's request.