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BOROFLOAT33 is a SCHOTT designation of borosilicate glass made by a unique microfloat technology. Its excellent thermal, mechanical, chemical and optical properties yielded versatility and stature in multitudes of applications. The chemical composition of BoroFloat33 is 81% of Silica(SiO2), 13% of B2O3, and other minor components of Na2O/K2O, Al2O3. The characteristics of BOROFLOAT33 include impressive transmission in the Visible, Near UV, and IR spectrum ( the most advantageous application zone of BOROFLOAT33 lies in the Visible range), outstanding thermal resistance, chemical durability, lightweight, and mechanical strength. Due to the combination of these eminent characteristics, BOROFLOAT33 is suitable for a wide range of applications encompassing optics, photonics, electro-optics, laboratories, medical analytical systems, etc. In Shalom EO wafers and Substrates made of BOROFLOAT33 and other wellknown glass codes are available, with both standard and custom dimensions and shapes.

Application notes:

BOROFLOAT33 glass is strongly resistant to different kinds of alkalis, acids, organic substances and is water-proof as well. While cleaning the glass you may use hot water, or cleaning agents if the contamination is insoluble. However, under no circumstance should abrasive sponges, scouring powders, or other corrosive or abrasive cleaners be used, as these can impair the surface of the borosilicate glass.

1. General Technical Data

2. Optical Properties


The datasheets are extracted from SCHOTT and Shalom EO is only posting the most critical data that may be helpful to our clients here. If you want to learn more about SCHOTT BOROFLOAT33, click the weblink below.


Technical Details of BOROFLOAT33

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