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IR lens and windows production

IR lens and windows production

1, Raw material cutting and shaping(Kindly Note: Most of raw material is cutted and shaped by material supplier)

2, Grinding

 3, Polishing and SPDT(Single Point Diamond Turning)


Polishing machine for flat surface(window)


SPDT for aspherical and diffractive Surface

4, Cleaning before coating   

5, Coating


DLC coating machine

6, Coating spectrum testing


 Surface quality testing


Flatness testing by interferometer


Flatness and parallelism testing by Zygo


Centering testing for lenses


Roughness testing of aspherical surface by Profile
testing instrument

7, Lens modules assembling(Mechanical
Parts out sourcing)

8, Lens module imaging quality


Following is the environment durability testing(If needed by customers):

Salt fog testing


High-low temperature testing


Alcohol and acetone Soak testing


 Durability testing-1


Durability testing -2


Durability testing -3


 UV illumination testing


  High humidity testing