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Infrared Domes

A dome is consist of two parallel curves surface, it is essentially optical windows which doesn’t introduce any magnification to light path. IR domes are often used in defense applications which has a extreme environment, high optical transmission at specific IR spectra and high hardness and flexural strength and durability are several specifications must be considered in substrate materials selection.

Shalom EO offers infrared domes made of a variety substrate materials: sapphire, hot-pressed MgF2, hot-pressed ZnS, ZnSe and Germanin. While sapphire are ideal for both ultra-violet (UV) and MWIR (3-5micro) band, hot-pressed MgF2 are good for MWIR band, and ZnSe or Germanium are good choice for 3μm to 12μm domes covers both MWIR and LWIR region.