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Packaging Windows for FPA’s Detectors

  • Germanium and Silicon substrates
  • High precision surface polishing
  • High quality metallic coating on edges
  • Coating options: BBAR, Long-pass filtering coating, Broad band AR coating
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Substrate Materials Germanium, Silicon Dimensions Customized
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance +/-0.05mm Surface Quality 80/50 S/D
Parallelism < 1 arc minute Clear Aperture >90%
Chamfer <0.2x45degree Coating custom IR coating
Metallization Materials Au, Ag or Cu (upon customer's request)

Hangzhou Shalom EO provide following types of the packaging windows:

Filtering Specifications of Packaging Windows
AR coating on Ge substrate T>94%@7-12μm
AR coating on Si substrate T>88%@8-12μm
Long pass filtering coating on Ge substrate T<1%@<7μm, Tavg>92%@8-12.5μm
Band pass filtering coating on Ge substrate T<1%@<7.5μm, Tavg >90%@8-12μm
Broad band AR coating on Ge substrate Tavg>92%@2-14μm

Packaging windows is a key components for the FPA detectors of thermal imaging cameras, it contains both infrared filtering and welded packaging, Germanium (Ge) and Silicon (Si) are often used as the substrates materials. Several kinds of filtering coating is available: broad band AR coating, long-pass filtering coating, band pass filtering. The high quality metallic coating is made on the edge of the windows, the customization is available upon your request.


1. Transmission of Ge Windows with AR@7-14 Micro


2. Transmission of Si Windows with AR@8-12 Micro


3.Transmission of Ge Windows with Band-pass Filtering Coating