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  • Substrate Materials: UV Fused Silica or N-BK7
  • Low Insertion Loss and Low Cost
  • Low Sensitivity to Working Distance
  • AR  Coatings available
  • Ideal as collimators, circulators, isolators for fiber lasers

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C-Lens is a kind of lens with a special designed surface profile oriented for fiber lasers. The lenses could function as beam collimators, circulators, or other focusing sub-components. One of the most prevalent usages of c-lens is to collimate point light sources to parallel lights, coupling light between different sections (e.g. diode to fiber, fiber to planar waveguide, etc.). In comparison with other Grin-Lens (Gradient Index Lens), C-lens excels in low insertion loss, low cost, and much lower sensitivity to working distance. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers custom C-lens made from Fused Silica or N-BK7 for fiber laser applications. Our C-lenses are in cylindrical forms with a spherical surface at one terminal to collimate lights, and an inclined plane at the other terminal, featuring exquisite resistance to high power and chemical substances, and high transmission AR coatings are furnished, ensuring efficient power output.