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  • CTH:YAG Crystals
  • CTH:YAG Crystals

CTH:YAG Crystals

  • Eye-safe wavelength of 2.1 μm
  • High slope efficiency
  • Excellent operation at room temperature
  • Pumping source options: flash lamp or laser diode
  • Used in medical laser systems
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Cr Concentration 0.85% Tm Concentration 5.90%
Ho Concentration 0.36% Wavefront Distortion (Per inch of rod length) <I/2
End Face Parallelism <10 arc seconds


Physical and Optical Properties:

Crystal Structure Cubic Lattice Parameters 12.01 Å
Melting Point 1970℃ Moh Hardness 8.5
Density 4.56g/cm3 Specific Heat (0-20) 0.59J/g.cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 310GPa Poisson Ratio 0.3(est.)
Tensile Strength 0.13~0.26GPa Thermal Expansion Coefficient [100]Direction:8.2x10-6 /C°(0~250℃)
[110]Direction:7.7x10-6 /C°(0~250℃)
[111]Direction:7.8x10-6 /C°(0~250℃)
Thermal Conductivity 14W/m/K(@20℃)
Thermal Optical Coefficient (dn/dT) 7.3x10-6 /C°
Thermal Shock Resistance 790W/m Solubility Water: Insoluble;
Common Acids: Slightly
Laser Transition 5I7 - 5I8 Laser Wavelength 2.097μm
Photon Energy 9.55 x 10-20 J Emission Cross Section 7 x 10-21 cm2
Fluorescence Lifetime 8.5 ms Index of Refraction 1.80 @2.08μm
Absorption Linewidth 4nm Diode Pump Band 781nm
Major Pump Bands 400~800nm

Cr:Tm:Ho:YAG is a kind of excellent laser crystal emitting at 2.1um wavelength. Due to its advantages: high slope efficiency, excellent operation at room temperature and output eye-safe wavelength laser light, CTH:YAG are widely used in medical laser systems, such as surgery, dentistry, therapeutic and others. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the CTH:YAG rods with coating upon customer's request.

CTH: YAG Advantages
High-efficiency 2 µm source

  1. Cr-Tm transfer quantum efficiency
  2. Operates well at room temperature
  3. May be flashlamp or diode pumped

LD pumping sources can be pump the strong 780nm Tm3+ ion absorption line

  1. Chromium doping not necessary for diode-pumped applications
  2. Pump linewidth of 4nm; 4 times wider than the corresponding Nd:YAG diode-pump linewidth

Operates in a relatively eye-safe wavelength range

  • Should lead to military and scientific applications in coherent radar and range-finding

Application Notes:

  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Atmospheric Testing