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Group Velocity Delay Compensator Calcite 1030/515nm, Apeture 12mm, 250-600fs

Code: 2116-007



Materials Calcite Aperture Diameter 12mm
Wavelength 1030/515nm Delay Range 250-600fs between 1030nm (o-ray) and 515nm (e-ray)
Coating AR@1030nm+515nm Orientation Tolerance +/-0.5°
Flatness λ/4@633nm Transmission Wavefront Distortion λ/4@633nm
Surface Quality 20/10 S/D Parallelism <30 arc sec

The group velocity is different for different wavelength, it is called group velocity mismatch (GVM), and then a time delay is introduced between fundamental and second harmonic generated (SHG) wavelength, in order to compensate this time delay, an time delay compensator with orthogonal polarizations are often used. Calcite crystals and alpha-BBO crystals are most popular materials to make the time delay compensators. By rotation of compensators, the time delay could be adjusted, the listed delay range are based on a rotation range of +/-12°.   

4 weeks
Optical Calcite Crystals

Optical Calcite Crystals

  • Broad transparent spectral range 0.2μm to 2.5μm
  • High birefringence
  • Soft and easy to be scratched
  • Applications: Polarizers, Beam divergent element, Laser gate.