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Laser Crystals and Components

Fiber Laser Optical Components

Fiber Lasers, in most cases, are defined as laser systems that incorporate optical fiber amplifiers as the laser gain media for the generation and amplification of the input light signal. The core of optical fiber amplifiers is usually glass fibers doped with laser-active rare-earth elements, called the active fiber. Currently, the application fields of fiber lasers are extraordinarily broad, including Fiber Communication, Laser Processing(Cutting, Marking), Defense Facilities, Medical Equipments, and the pumping source of other laser systems, etc.

Besides the active fibers, there are lots of other essential optical components for fiber lasers. Optical Isolators are one of the vital constituents for fiber laser systems. Their function is to reduce the detrimental feedback and backward reflection into the fiber laser cavity. The most fundamental optical element for an optical isolator is the Faraday Rotator, which changes the polarization state of light as it is transmitted through a media with certain magneto-optic properties when an external magnetic field is applied. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers TGG (Terbium Gallium Garnet) Crystals and TSAG (Terbium Scandium Aluminum Garnet) Crystals both in laser-grade polished versions and as ingots. The crystals feature high Verdet constants, low absorption, and high power-handling abilities, requisite for manufacturing Faraday rotators. 

In addition to the crystals, Shalom EO also provides other fiber laser components including Fiber End Caps for QBH (Quartz Block Head), Beam Combiners, and Various Fiber Laser Optics (C-Lens, Fast Axis Collimator, Slow Axis Collimator, etc). The end caps are oriented for the termination processing at the interface of air and the fiber using beam expansion. Shalom's fiber end caps are made from Fused Silica, N-BK7, and various custom glass material with AR coatings. The end caps are all colorless, which enables even beam expansion in homogeneous media.  Our beam combiners are consists of an N-BK7/Fused Silica polarization beam splitter cube and a quartz/MgF2 waveplate optically contacted or cemented to the PBS. The C-lenses are lenses with a special surface profile, functioning as beam collimators, circulators, or focusing components for fiber lasers. Fast Axis Collimators (FAC-Lenses) and Slow Axis Collimators (SAC-Lenses) for collimating divergent light from diode lasers and laser bars along the fast axis or the slow axis are offered in custom versions.