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MgF2 Crystals

  • Broad transparent spectrum: 0.11~7.5μm
  • Chemically stable.
  • High resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
  • Used for optical prisms, waveplates, lenses and windows
  • Crystals ingot, blanks, polished and coated components available
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Material MgF2 Crystal Wavelength 110~8500nm
Size 0.1mm-100mm Surface Quality 20/10 S/D
Optical Axis Orientation <6 arc min Parallelism <1 arc sec
Flatness λ/10 @ 633nm Clear Aperture          >95% of full aperture


Basic Properties:

Transparency Range 0.11~7.5μm Molecular Weight 62.32
Class/Structure Tetragonal, can cleave on C-axis Density 3.177g/cm3
Melting Point 1255℃ Hardness Knoop 415 kg/mm2
Specific Heat Capacity, cal/(g K) 0.24 @ 298K  
Thermal Conductivity 0.3 W/(m K) at 27 °C
Thermal Expansion 13.7and 8.48 x 10-6e/ °C Refractive Index N0=1.3836 Ne=1.3957 @ 0.405μm
Reflection Loss 11.2% @ 0.12 μm (2 surfaces) Dielectric Constant 4.87 parallel and 5.45 perpendicular
Restrahlen Peak 20μm dN/dT +2.3 and +1.7 x 10-6e/ °C at 0.4μm
Elastic Coefficients C11=140.2 C12=89.5 C44=56.8
C33=204.7 C13=62.9 C66=95.7
Young's Modulus (E) 138.5 GPa
Shear Modulus (G) 54.66 GPa Bulk Modulus (K) 101.32 GPa
Apparent Elastic Limit 49.64 MPa Poisson Ratio 0.276
Solubility <0.0002 g/100g water @ 0 °C

Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) single crystals has a very broad transmission spectrum from Deep Ultra-Violet (DUV) to Long Wavelngth Infrared (LWIR), that is 110nm to 7500nm. MgF2 crystals has a high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks and optical radiation, and it is chemical stable. For its excellent DUV transmission propertiy, MgF2 crystals has become the most suitable materials for 193nm ArF and 248nm KrF excimer lasers. MgF2 has a large birefrigence, which make it suitable for fabrication of waveplates. MgF2 crystals can be used in MWIR and LWIR thermal imaging applications, and it is   also used for thin film growth. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the optical windows, polarizers, prisms, lenses, wedged windows and waveplates made from MgF2 single crystals with high laser grade precision, they are widely used in the 193nm ArF excimer lasers and other Ultra-Violet (UV) lasers. The MgF2 crystals ingot, blanks, polished and coated optics are available upon your request. 

Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals

  • Broad transparent spectral range 0.2μm to 3.5μm
  • Good chemical, mechanical and thermal properties
  • Good refractive index properties
  • Applications: waveplates and polarization transform
  • Maximum size: 130x130mm in square and diameter 150mm

450-650nm Achromatic Quarter Waveplate with Aperture 18mm and D1” mount

450-650nm Achromatic Quarter Waveplate with Aperture 18mm and D1” mount

Code: 2081-001