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  • Nd:Ce:YAG Laser Crystals
  • Nd:Ce:YAG Laser Crystals

Nd:Ce:YAG Laser Crystals

  • Low threshold
  • High efficiency
  • Good thermal stability
  • High optical property
  • Excellent anti-violet radiation property
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Dopant Concentration Nd: 0.9-1.3 atm %,
Ce : Nd=1:10
Orientation <111> crystalline direction within 5℃
Flatness <λ/10 Parallism ≤10 arc seconds
Perpendicularity ≤5 arc minutes Surface Quality 10/5 S/D MIL-O-13830A
Optical Quality Interference fringes ≤ 0. 25 λ /inch
Extinction ration ≥ 30dB
Size Diameter: 3~8mm,
Length: 40~80mm
Upon request of customer
Dimensional Tolerances Diameter: +0.000"/-0.05"
Length: ±0.5"
AR-Coating Reflectivity ≤ 0.2% (@1064nm)


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Chemical Formula Nd3+: Ce3+: Y3Al5O12 Crystals Structure Cubic
Lattice Parameters 12.01Å Melting Point 1970℃
Moh Hardness 8.5 Density 4.56 ± 0.04g/cm3
Specific Heat(0-20) 0.59J/g.cm3 Modulus of Elasticity 310Gpa
Young’s Modulus 3.17×104Kg/mm2 Poission Ratio 0.3(est.)
Tensile Strength 0.13~0.26Gpa Thermal Expansion Coefficient [100]:8.2 × 10-6 /℃
[110]:7.7 × 10-6 /℃
[111]:7.8 × 10-6 /℃
Thermal Conductivity 14W/m/K(@25℃ ) Thermal Optical Coefficient (dn/dT) 7.3×10-6 /℃
Thermal Shock Resistance 790W/m


Laser Properties:

Laser Transition 4F3/2 --> 4I11/2 Laser Wavelength 1.064μm
Photon Energy 1.86×10-19J@1.064μm Emission Linewidth 4.5A @1.064μm
Emission Cross Section 2.7~8.8×10-19cm-2 Fluorescence Lifetime 230μs
Index of Refraction 1.8197@1064nm

Nd:Ce:YAG crystal is an excellent laser material used for no-water cooling and miniature laser systems. The (Nd, Ce): YAG laser rod we produce has the characteristics of high efficiency, low threshold, anti-violet radiation and high repetition frequency for lasers operation.  Nd:Ce:YAG laser crystal is the most ideal laser material for the high repetition air cooling lasers. It suitable for different modes of operation (cw, pulsed , Q-switched, mode locked, doubling of frequency ) and high-average power lasers.