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LBO 5x5x10mm for SHG@1064nm Type 1

Code: 20205-007



Material LBO crystals Size(5± 0.1 mm) x (5± 0.1 mm) x (10 + 0.2 mm/-0.1 mm)
Cut Angle θ=90°±0.5°,Φ=11.4°±0.5° Clear Aperture central 80% diameter
Transmitting Wavefront Distortion less than λ/8 @ 633nm Flatness λ/8 @ 633nm
Surface Quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig to MIL-O-13830A Parallelism better than 20 arc seconds
Perpendicularity 15 arc minutes Damage Threshold

15 GW/cm2 for a TEM00 mode, 1.3 ns, 1 Hz laser at 1.064 m1 GW/cm2 for a cw,

mode-locked laser at 1064nm

Quality Warranty Period one year

Chemical and Structure Properties:

Crystal Structure Orthorhombic, Space group Pna21, Point group mm2 Lattice Parameter a=8.4473Å, b=7.3788Å  c=5.1395Å , Z=2
Melting Point About 834℃ Mohs Hardness 6
Density 2.47 g/cm3 Thermal Conductivity 3.5W/m/K
Thermal Expansion Coefficient ax=10.8x10-5 /K, ay=-8.8x10-5/K, az=3.4x10-5/K


Optical and Nonlinear Optical Properties:

Transparency Range 160-2600nm SHG Phase Matchable Range 551 ~ 2600nm (Type I) 790-2150nm (Type II)
Therm-optic Coefficient (°C, λ in μm) dnx/dT=-9.3X10-6
Absorption Coefficient <0.1%/cm at 1064nm <0.3%/cm at 532nm
Angle Acceptance 6.54mrad-cm(φ, Type I,1064 SHG)
15.27mrad-cm(q, Type II,1064 SHG)
Temperature 4.7°C-cm (Type I, 1064 SHG)
Acceptance 7.5°C-cm (Type II,1064 SHG) Spectral Acceptance 1.0nm-cm (Type I, 1064 SHG)
1.3nm-cm (Type II,1064 SHG)
Walk-off Angle 0.60° (Type I 1064 SHG)
0.12° (Type II 1064 SHG)
NLO Coefficient deff(I)=d32cosφ (Type I in XY plane)
deff(I)=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ (Type I in XZ plane)
deff(II)=d31cosθ (Type II in YZ plane)
deff(II)=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ (Type II in XZ plane)
Non-vanished NLO susceptibilities d31=1.05 ± 0.09 pm/V
d32= -0.98 ± 0.09 pm/V
d33=0.05 ± 0.006 pm/V
Sellmeier Equations
(λ in μm)


Lithium Tri-borate or LBO crystals (LiB3O5) is one of the most useful nonlinear optical material not just for its relatively large conversion coefficient - 3x that of KDP, but also for its excellent physical properties. LBO crystal has broad optical transparency range from 160 to 2600nm. It excels in high power SHG with minimal thermal lensing as compared to KTP. Its large acceptance angle paired with small walk-off angle which reduces the beam quality requirement for source lasers. 

LBO is widely used for SHG and THG of Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:YVO4 and ultra-fast Ti:sapphire lasers. OPOs(Optical Parametric Oscillators) and OPAs(Optical Parametric Amplifier).

SHG@1064nm, Type1
4 weeks