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Nd:YAG Crystals


  1. Diverse shaping and large dimension range: 
    Cylindrical rods:diam.3 mm~28 mm;Length: 30 mm~220 mm 
    Rectangular Plate:(3~4 mm) × (6~24 mm) × (60~180 mm) 
    Circular disk:Diam.2 mm~39 mm; Thickness≥1 mm 
  2. Large doping range: 0.1-2.0 at%
  3. < 100 > orientation rods available
  4. Concave and Convex surface available
  5. Grooved rods available
  6. Diverse coating: 
    AR-Coating: R < 0.25% per surface (@1064nm) 
    PR-Coating: Partial Reflection, transmission depends on your requirement 
    HR-Coating: R > 99.8%@1064nm and R < 5%@808nm 
    Other HR coatings, such as HR @ 1064/532nm, HR @ 946nm, HR 1319nm and other wavelengths are also available. 
    Damage Threshold: > 500MW/cm^2
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Orientation <111> or <100> within 5 degree Wavefront Distortion ≤Lambda/8 @ 633nm
Extinction Ratio ≥28 dB Parallelism ≤ 10 arc second
Perpendicularity ≤ 5 arc minute Flatness ≤ Lambda/10 @ 633nm
Surface Quality 10/5 S/D (per MIL-O-13830A) Chamfer <0.1mm x 45 degree


Physical and Optical Properties:

Laser Wavelength 1064nm Stimulate Emission Cross Section 2.8x10-19cm-2
Relaxation Time of Terminal Lasing Level 30 ns Radiative Lifetime 550 ms
Spontaneous Fluorescence 230 ms Loss Coefficient 0.003 cm-1 @ 1064 nm
Effective Emission Cross Section 2.8 x 10-19cm2 Linewidth 0.6 nm
Index of Refraction 1.82 Pump Wavelength 807.5nm
Chemical Formula Nd:Y3A15O12 Crystal Structure Cubic
Lattice Parameters 12.01Å Concentration ~ 1.2 x 1020 cm-3
Melting Point 1970℃ Mohs Hardness 8.5
Density 4.56g/cm3 Thermal Expansion Coefficient [111]Direction:7.8×10-6 /℃(0~250℃)
Thermal Conductivity 14W/m/K(@20℃) and 10.5W/m/K(@100℃)

Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet - Nd:YAG laser crystals has been and would continue to be the most popular lasing media for solid-state lasers. Good fluorescence lifetime, thermal conductivity and robust nature make Nd:YAG laser crystals suitable for high power continuous wave, high intensity Q-switched and single mode operation.Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the standard Nd:YAG rods with AR coating at 1064nm and also offer the custom rods or crystals upon customer's special request.