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RTP Crystals

  • Broad transparent range from 0.35μm to 4.5μm
  • High damage threshold (1.8 times the magnitude of KTP)
  • High resistivity and high repetition rate
  • Surpassing homogeneity and high laser damage threshold 
  • No acoustic ringing and stability over a wide temperature range(-60℃-+80℃)
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Growth Orientation Along Y-axis Maximum Length(at 5x5mm) 25mm
Length Tolerance +0.5mm / -0.1mm Width and Height Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Parallelism < 30″ Perpendicularity < 15′
Surface Quality 20/10 S/D Coating AR-coated


Basic Properties:

Crystal structure Orthorhombic Cell Parameters a = 12.96 Å; b =10.56 Å;
c =6.49 Å
Mohs hardness About 5 Density 3.6 g/cm3
Melting Point About 1000˚C Thermal Expansion Coefficients (/K) αx=1.01x10-5 ,
αy =1.37x10-5 ,
αz =-4..17x10-6
Sellmeier Equations
(λ in μm)
Thermo-optical Coefficients (dλ/dT) -0.029nm / °C
Electro-optic Constants (Y-cut)
r33=38.5 pm/V
r33=35 pm/V,r23=12.5pm/V, r13=10.6 pm/V
Electrical Resistivity About 1011-1012ohm·cm
Static Half Wave
Voltage at 1064nm
9x9x20mm: 3.600 V
Extinction Ratio >20dB@633nm

RTP (Rubidium Titanyle Phosphate – RbTiOPO4) Crystals are an isomorph of KTP crystals and found great utility in nonlinear and electro-optical applications. It has the advantages of a higher damage threshold(about 1.8 times the magnitude of KTP), high resistivity, low absorption loss, non-hygroscopicity, and absence of induced piezo-electric ringing with electrical signals up to 60 kHz. Its transmission range is 350nm to 4500nm. The walk-off angle of the crystal, when generating yellow lasers, is impressively low, additionally, the crystal is a highly efficient media for lasers of high repetition rates.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers custom RTP crystals upon customers' request. AR coatings may be furnished.

Applications of RTP Crystals:

  1. SHG of Nd-doped lasers at 1064nm
  2. Electro-Optical Q-switch, EO modulation, and optical waveguides
  3. Optical Parametric Amplification (OPA) and Optical Parametric Oscillation (OPO)
HGTR-KTP Crystals for EO Applications

HGTR-KTP Crystals for EO Applications

  • Low insertion loss, low quarter-wave voltage
  • High repetition rate
  • Wide optical bandwidth
  • High damaging threshold
  • No piezo-electric ringing
  • Application: Q-switches, pulse picking and EO modulator