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  • TGG Crystals
  • TGG Crystals

TGG Crystals

  • Large Verdet constant (35 Rad T-1m-1)
  • Low optical losses (<0.1%/cm)
  • High thermal conductivity (7.4W m-1K-1)
  • High laser damage threshold (>1GW/cm2)
  • For Farady Isolators and Rotators
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Orientation [111] within ±15 arc min Wave Front Distortion <1/8 wave
Extinction Ratio >35dB Diameter Tolerance +0.00mm/-0.05mm
Length Tolerance +0.2mm/-0.2mm Chamfer 0.10mm@45º
Flatness <1/10 wave @ 633nm Parallelism < 30 arc Seconds
Perpendicularity < 5 arc min Surface Quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig
AR Coating <0.2% Large Dimensions of Crystals 2.0--76 mm in diameter


Basic Properties:

Chemical Formula Tb3Ga5O12 Lattic Parameter a=12.355Å
Growth Method Czochralski Density 7.13g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 8.0 Melting Point 1725℃
Refractive Index 1.954 @1064nm

Terbium Gallium Garnet (TGG) Crystal Used for Faraday Isolators and Rotators. TGG is an excellent magneto-optical crystal used in various Faraday devices (Rotator and Isolator) in the range of 400nm-1100nm, excluding 475-500nm.

TeO2 Crystals for AO application

TeO2 Crystals for AO application

  • High figure of merit(M2=793 x 10^-18S^3/g) 
  • Large refractive index (no=2.274, ne=2.430@633nm) 
  • Large Size Capability
  • Broad optical transmission range: 350-5000nm
  • Applications: AOM (Acousto-Optic Modulators), AODF (Acousto-Optic Deflectors), AOTF (acousto-optic tunable filters), FCAOM, etc.