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TSAG (Terbium Scandium Aluminium Garnet) Crystals

  • Greater Verdet constant (48 radT^-1m^-1 at 1064 nm) than that of TGG Crystals
  • Low absorption, which is 30% less than that of TGG
  • Outstanding thermal properties and high power handling capability
  • ideal for compact designs
  • Precision-polishing and AR coatings
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TSAG (Terbium Scandium Aluminium Garnet) Crystal is a superb magneto-optical material for manufacturing Faraday Optical Isolators of Fiber Lasers. TSAG is a newly developed crystal and exhibits stronger functionalities than the TGG crystal. The Verdet constants, the parameter which indicate material’s strength to induce Faraday rotation, of TSAG crystals are 1.2 times the magnitude of that of TGG crystal, and TSAG has the higher magneto-optical figure of merit among magneto-optical materials currently known. The absorption is also about 30% lower than TGG, in addition to other advantages of low thermal induced birefringence, high power capabilities and mechanical strength. These factors in combination make the crystals an attractive candidate for lasers with high average power, meanwhile allowing compact designs.  With its transmission range spanning broadly from 400nm to 1600nm, TSAG is requisite for lasers operating in the VIS and IR zone. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Czochralski-grown precision-polishing TSAG Crystals for Optical Isolators, Faraday Rotators, and Circulators. The Crystals are of superior surface quality (10/5 S/D) and furnished with transmission rate AR coatings.