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15mm to 300mm f/4.0 Continuous Zoom MWIR Thermal Camera Lenses, for Cooled Detector

Code: 313-001

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Optical Parameters:

Focal Length 15mm to 300mm Calculated Average Transmission >78%
F/# 4.0 Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +60℃
Operating Wavelength Range 3.7μm to 4.8μm Minimum Focus Range 0.2m/15m
Coating on Front Surface Exposing to Air AR Distortion(Diagonal FOV) <3%


Mechanical Specifications:

Focusing Mechanism Motorized Installation Way Flange
Weight About 1000g Back Working Distance (B.W.D) 29.33mm
Materials of Lens Housing Anodized aluminium Connector Refer to drawing
Max. Dimensions (Diameter x Length) ɸ113x8.15 Sealing Grade IP67



Zoom, Focus Mechanism DC gear motor control Zoom, Focus Position Feedback Potentiometer
Zoom, Focus Driving Voltage 12V DC

FOV-Sensor Size: 

FOV(H X V) 320x256 640x512
15μm   35.5° to 1.83°
30μm 35.5° to 1.83°
2 month
About 1000g