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Bandpass Filters

Band pass filters are designed to selectively transmit light over a certain wavelength band while rejecting the remaining light in a given spectrum. The width of such a filter is expressed in the wavelength range it lets through and can be anything from much less than an Ångström to a few hundred nanometer. These filters are typically used in the life science, industrial, or Research and Developing (R&D) applications.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Narrow band filter for biochemistry analysizers, enzyme labelling Instrument, narrow filters for Polarimeter, fluorescence filters, Ultra-Violet (UV) narrowband filters and high transmission narrowband filter made from Colored Glass bonded with BK7 or fused Silica.There is a wide selective wavelength range of 200-1200nm, with a conventional bandwidth of 10nm (smaller bandwidth is available upon request). Dozens of mounted stock modules with a diameter range of 6-15mm, hard coatings are for choosing, together with custom modules.