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Dichroic Filters

Dichroic filters utilizes the principle of dielectrical interference, where they only transmit the wanted portion of wavelengths while other wavelengths are destructively canceled or reflected through interference, thus are particularly suited for precise scientific work, since their exact colour range can be controlled by the thickness and sequence of the coatings.

Because the excessive portion of light are reflected instead of absorbed by the filters, they are able to endure light source with higher intensities. Moreover, dichroic mirrors and dichroic reflectors tend to be characterized by the color(s) of light that they reflect, rather than the color(s) that pass through them. In fact, the color-producing procedure of Dichroic filters are similar to the process that light reflects on the oil film above water, during which a portion of light are reflected by the oil film, and the remainder by the water at the bottom. The lags between light wavefronts induce the interference effect, producing the color seen. 

The distinctive heat tolerance enables Dichroic color filters to be the product of choice for a variety of applications including architectural, entertainment, science, and engineering. Other merits of Dichroic color filters include much better filtering characteristics than conventional filters, much longer life than conventional filters, filter will not melt or be damaged except at very high temperatures (many hundreds of degrees Celsius).

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers a wide variety of Dichroic filters including: Longpass Dichroic filters (cut-off wavelength 500-900nm, AOI 45°), Shortpass Dichroic filters (cut-off wavelength 650-950nm,AOI 45°), Dichroic filters for RGB light show, Laser line Dichroic filters (various HR or HT coatings at specific wavelengths,AOI 45°), and other types encompassing bandpass, bandblocking.

Multilayer thin film coating technique is incorporated in the production process to ensure the low absorption, high reflection and transmission and stability of our filters. The modules could be optionally mounted or unmouted, and besides stock modules customized products are available.