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Laser Line Filters

At the laser source, while output is typically considered in terms of a monochromatic light beam and is described by a prominent line and a single output wavelength, the presence of minor transitions, plasma, and "glows", all of which lead to background aberrations are also impossible to neglect.What’s more, the wavelength of laser sources may shift due to temperature,power and manufacturing tolerances.That’s why it is vital to obliterate all unwanted laser background, scatter, and plasma in order to maximize signal-to-noise. Laser line filters are effective controlling devices when rejecting unwanted disruptions and cleaning up the signals at the laser source.

Laser line filters are defined as precision optical filters with an extremely narrow pass-band that centered on the resonance of the laser, isolating the laser line from ambient light, and attenuate the undesired background plasma and secondary emissions that often cause signal distortions.

Hangzhou Shlom EO offers laser line filters suitable for various laser types including N2, XeF, Ar, Nd-YAG, GaAIAs, HeNe etc., with high peak transmissions of >80%, bandwidth of maximum 10nm, and large temperature operation range from -50℃ to 80℃ fit under working different condition. In addition, utilizing the state-of -art technologies in the manufacturing procedure, our filters features ultra-low out-of-band blocking, which is less than 0.01% or 10-4, which ensures the out standing blocking efficiency of our products.

Besides the listed stock modules,we also offer customization service upon your requests. Please contact us for further discussion, our experienced team are willing to apply our expertise to help you with your needs.