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Narrow Band IR Filters

  • High transmission at transmission wavelength range
  • Selections covering th whole IR wavelength range of 0.9μm - 12μm
  • Various Substrate materials including BK7, Si, Sapphire, Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2 ect. optional
  • Applications: Gas detection, semiconductor applications etc.
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Modules or Types:

Here is some types of the IR narrow band filters for gas detection we provide:

Code CWL HPBW Tpeak(%) Blocking(Tavg<1%) Detected Gas
2.00±20nm 44±10nm ≧80% 400-3200nm CO2
2.18±20nm 41±10nm ≧80% 400-3200nm HF ref
2.45±25nm 72±10nm ≧75% 400-20000nm HF means
2.89±20nm 54±10nm ≧75% 400-20000nm H2O
3.55±30nm 132±20nm ≧75% 400-20000nm HCl
4.72±50nm 90±10nm ≧75% 400-11000nm CO
5.25±50nm 100±10nm ≧75% 400-11000nm NO
5.46±50nm 102±10nm ≧75% 400-11000nm SO2 ref
6.25±100nm 124±10nm ≧75% 400-11000nm NO2
7.40±100nm 126±10nm ≧80% 400-10000nm SO2
10.6±200nm 1172±150nm ≧75% 400-12000nm NH3
Note: The customized IR filters available upon request.

Narrow band IR filters has high transmission at the central wavelength and block the other wavelength range, they are widely used in the gas detection, semiconductor applications. Hangzhou Shalom EO provide the customized narrow band infrared filters using a variety substrate materials: BK7, Si, Sapphire, Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2 ect., covers whole IR wavelength range from 0.9μm to 12μm.