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Longpass Dichroic Filters


  • Multilayer Thin Film Coating on Glass Substrates, High stability
  • Low absorption
  • High Transmission and High Reflection
  • Mounted or Unmounted 
  • Easy for Installation
  • Customized Type Dichroic Filters available 

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Modules or Types:

550nm, 638nm, 900nm Longpass Dichroic Filters
Cut-off Wavelength 550nm 638nm 900nm
Size customized customized customized
Angle of Incident (AOI) 45° 45° 45°
Transmission Range Tavg≥90%@565-800nm Tavg≥88%@655-700nm Tavg≥90%@932-1200nm
Reflection Range Ravg≥95%@380nm-533nm Ravg≥90%@580nm-621nm Ravg≥90%@400nm-872nm
Surface Quality 40/20 S/D 40/20 S/D 40/20 S/D
Coating Type Hard coating Hard coating Hard coating

Dichroic Filters would reflects a range of wavelength and transmit others, a longpass dichroic mirror is highly reflective below the cut-on wavelength and highly transmissive above it. Variety types of Dichroic Filers are available in Hangzhou Shalom EO: longpass, shortpass, bandpass, bandblocking and colour correction types over a range of wavelengths. Dichroic shortpass and longpass filters can also act as hot and cold mirrors respectively. 

Dichroic Filters are widely used to separate color in CCD imaging, digital projection, light show, machine vision, and printing. These filters allow only a portion of the visible spectrum to pass and reject (reflect) the rest.