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Aspheric Lenses

  • Substrate materials: BK7, fused silica, optical glass, Ge, ZnSe, Si
  • Made by CNC, SPDT and molded processing
  • Diameters range from : 5mm to 300mm
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Material BK7, fused silica, optical glass, Ge, ZnSe, Silicon Surface Quality 10/5 S/D to 40/20 S/D (uncoated)
Clear Aperture >90% Diameter Range 5-280mm
Diameter Tolerance +0.0/-0.05mm Protective Chamfers 0.3mm max@45°
Center Thickness Tolerance ≤0.05mm EFL Tolerance ≤0.1%
Asphere Figure Error P-V ±1 µm Surface Form Deviation RMS ≤0.5 µm
Note: Other special specifications are available upon request.

Aspheric lens with non-spherical surface is designed to reduce spherical aberration of traditional spherical lens in lasers and imaging. Aspheric lenses can increase the numerical aperture of a lens while minimizing system aberrations and reducing the number of elements needed in a multi-elements system, by somehow replacing a multi-lens system with a single aspheric lens. 

The lenses are made by precision CNC  grinding and polishing machine, diamond turning machine and glass molded processing . Substrate materials including BK7, Fused silica and other optical glass materials, infrared materials Germanium, ZnSe and Silicon could be offered according to customer's option. Hangzhou Shalom EO provides custom aspheric lenses upon customer’s request.