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Optical Components

Optical Mirrors

Optical mirrors are optical components designed to reflect light. According to the different intentions of designs, the shape of the mirror also varies. Optical mirrors could be flat or curved (convex or concave). Optical mirrors are extensively used in vairous industries and research fields, such as medical, semiconductor, astronomy, life science, and metrologies. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers a range of optical mirrors, including dielectric coated mirrors, enhanced Al coated mirrors, protective silver/gold coated mirrors, low Group Delay Dispersion  (GDD ) mirrors, and ultrafast-enhanced silver mirrors, for applications in the UV, Visible, and IR spectral ranges. Stocked and custom optical mirrors are available. One of our know-how is the manufacturing of high-precision optical mirrors, with cutting-edge processing technologies, the mirrors feature superior surface flatness and high damage threshold, being capable of handling high-power laser applications. Super Polished Mirror and Mirror Substrates with <1 Angstrom roughness are also available.