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Optical Components

Optical Windows

Optical windows is a flat transparent plates to protect instruments or sensors from outside environment, it has a maximum transmission at the specific wavelength range, and AR coating is often made on surfaces to improve the transmission. Transmission, refractive index, hardness of materials and optical surface are several critical specification that you should take in mind when you select the optical windows. Optical windows are widely used in medical, life science, instrumentation, defense and security, academic and research, and industrial applications.

Hangzhou Shalom EO is a custom and off-the-shelf optical windows supplier, we offer: UV/VIS optical windows made from MgF2, CaF2 or UV fuses silica, VIS/NIR windows made from optical glass or fused silica, IR windows made of Germanium (Ge), Silicon windowsZenic Selenide (ZnSe) windows, Sapphire windows. High precision laser windows and ultra-thin high flatness optical windows for femtosecond lasers are offered, the minimum size of 0.5mm and minimum thickness 0.03mm ultra-thin optical windows are available.