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  • Biconcave Lenses
  • Biconcave Lenses

Biconcave Lenses

  • Broad diameter range: 0.8mm to 300mm
  • Substrate materials: Fused Silica, BK7, optical glass, BaF2, CaF2, MgF2, Ge and ZnSe etc.
  • Coating options: uncoated, MgF2 single layer, V-type and broad band AR coating
  • Applications: laser expander, optical character readers, viewers, and projection systems
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Type Biconcave Lenses Material BK7,UV FS, CaF2, ZnSe, Sapphire, BaF2 etc.
Clear Aperture >90% Diameter Tolerance +0.00/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm Surface Irregularity λ/4 @ 633 nm (λ/8 optional)
Concentricity 3 arcmin Paraxial Focal Length +/-2%
Chamfer 0.2mm x 45 degree

Biconcave lenses have equal radii on both surfaces. Biconcave lenses are commonly used in laser beam expanders, optical character readers, viewers. And they are normally used to increase focal lengths in optical systems and in combination with other lenses. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Custom biconcave lenses upon customers' request.