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SCHOTT ZERODUR is a lithium aluminum silicon oxide glass-ceramic of zero porosity. Glass Ceramics are manufactured from controlled crystallization and nucleation of glass substrates, resulting in its mixed inherent properties of both glass and ceramic. Among them, SCHOTT ZERODURis iconic for its near-zero coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), which is a result of its counterbalancing microscopic system and the glass matrix. Other merits of ZERODUR include high homogeneity of the low CTE throughout the bulk volume and against temperature range variation, low levels of inclusions, chemical resistance, etc. Its mechanical strength is also reliable, being capable to handle mechanical loads up to 100MPa for long-term usage.


SCHOTT ZERODUR is transparent to visible light, and its superior thermal durability and stability under extreme conditions have made it the choice for advanced optics in astronomy and aviation. Typical examples astronomical and solar telescopes, display filters, and gyroscopes in flight systems. Glass Wafers and substrates made from SCHOTT ZERODUR and other glass materials are on sale at competitive price in Shalom EO.

Datasheets of SCHOTT ZERODUR:


The data are sourced from SCHOTT, Shalom EO only selected the most catholic parts, for more details, lick the weblinks below.


Technical Details of SCHOTT ZERODUR

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