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BaF2 Scintillators

  • Sub-nanosecond decay time
  • Low absorption at emission wavelength

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      Basic Properties:

      Density(g/cm3) 4.88 Melting Point (K) 1627
      Cleavage Plane <111> Hardness(Mohs) 3
      Hygroscopic Slightly Refractive Index 1.54(220nm)
      Emission Peak (nm) 310/220 Lower Wavelength Cutoff (nm) 135
      Decay Time (ns) 630(slow)/0.6-0.8(fast) Light Yield (photons/Kev) 10(slow)/1.8(fast)
      Photoelectron Yield (% of NaI(Tl)) 16(slow)/3(fast)

      Barium fluoride (BaF2) is a scintillator showing two wavelengths of emission (310 nm and 295 nm). The emission at 220nm has an emission with sub nanosecond decay time interesting for timing applications. It is used as the fast timing for: Positron Lifetime Studies, Time of Flight measurements, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Certain High-energy Physics Applications.


      1. Growth method: Bridgman
      2. Maximum dimension:  ∅ 60 mm x 120 mm
      3. Available items: single crystals

      Application Notes:

      • Positron Lifetime Studies
      • Time of Flight measurements
      • Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
      • Certain High energy Physics