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  • X-Ray Detector Boards
  • X-Ray Detector Boards

X-Ray Detector Boards

  • Based on Linear Si PD scintillation detection chips, supporting both single energy and dual-energy X-Ray detection
  • Maximum 128 channels with custom pixel pitch and dimension
  • Common applications: security screening, non-destructive inspection, food testing, ore sensing, etc.
  • Customization for your specific application
  • Compatible with Shalom EO’s Scintillation Detection Arrays
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All the specifications could be customized upon requests

Capabilities of Shalom EO:

  • Silicon Photo Diode Array Detectors of 1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x64, 1x128 pixels are available
  • Scintillator Matetials: CsI(Tl), GOS ceramic, or CdWO4
  • Integrated Signal Processing Circuits: CMOS, ASIC, etc.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers a series of custom-tailored Detector Board for X-Ray Imaging Systems. The products are line-scan x-ray Si photodiode detectors based on scintillators, integrated on data acquisition boards. These modules feature high responsitivity and short integration time, moderate NEP(noise equivalent power), etc. combined with robust architecture of high radiation durability to ensure a long lifetime under x-ray flux and strengthened interfaces. The detector boards are apposite for applications in various fields associated with x-ray imaging and inspection, including baggage inspection, security screening, food testing, the mineral industry, etc. No matter where your interest lies Shalom EO could tailor the detector for incorporation into your systems to help you produce complete x-ray imaging solutions.

Each detector board produces End-Of-Scan pulses, which accommodate the aligning of individual boards into a continuous row of detector boards.

During the working process, photons emitted by X-Ray are firstly converted to visible light by the scintillators, the photodiodes then transform the light signals into electrical signals, through further integration of electric charges and A/D conversion, forming digital data. Compared to direct x-ray detection means such as CCDs, the detector modules using scintillators have the advantages of a wider detectable energy range and the ability to scan objects in large areas.

One layer or two layers of linearly pixellated crystalline/amorphous silicon photodiodes are coupled with scintillators on top of them. The double-layer versions allow Dual-energy Inspection, where the low-energy x-ray and high-energy x-ray are separated by the copper filter between two layers, with the pixel amount of unhindered access from 1x8 to 1x128 (1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x64, 1x128), and customized pixel dimension/pitch, all the elements are integrated simultaneously. One could also select the scintillator materials for the X-Ray detectors according to specific applications. In this case, Shalom EO recommends CsI(Tl), GOS ceramic, or CdWO4, since their spectrum of high light output matches well with the sensitive spectrum of the PDs.

Referring to the data acquisition boards, Shalom EO is capable to provide our clients with different kinds of electronic readout circuits that are optional according to your specific application, including CMOS signal processing, ASIC, etc.

Scintillation Detection Arrays (Coupled with Si PDs)

Scintillation Detection Arrays (Coupled with Si PDs)

  • Linear Scintillation Array + Monocrystalline Si Photodiode Array + Mounting Board
  • Element size width 1.4mm, height 2.5nm, with element pitch of 1.575nm
  • Modules of 16 elements, 64 elements, and 128 elements are available
  • Wide spectral range of 350-1100nm (responsitivity peak at 950nm)
  • A variety of scintillator materials including CsI(Tl), GOS ceramic, CdWO4, or other custom choices
  • Dual energy inspection is enabled when combining a CsI(Tl) detector for high energy and GOS detector for low energy