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RGBS Scintillator Crystals

  • High density and Non-hydroscopic,
  • High light output
  • Short decay time and low background radiation,
  • Stable chemical and physical properties
  • Applications: Nuclear Radiation Scanner, Nuclear Medicine Imaging , Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Industrial Computed Tomography(CT), Environmental Radiation Detection, Baggage Safety Inspection
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Density(g/cm3) 6.63 Light Yield(% of NaI(Tl)) 130
Emission Peak Wavelength(nm) 520 Decay Time(ns) 90
Refractive Index(@550nm) 1.9 Energy Resolution(% of 137Cs) 6
Afterglow(%@20ms) ≤0.03 Irradiation Hardness(rads) 105
Hardness(Mohs) 8.0 Effective Atomic Number 54
Crystal Structure Cubic Hygroscopic None
Cleave Plane None

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the newly developed scintillators materials RGBS. With high density, high light output, low background radiation and short decay time, RGBS, as a good scintillation materials, which also has excellence properties: stable chemical and physical properties, non-hydroscopic and non-cleavability, easy processing. This kindly expends the range of application as following.


  • Nuclear Radiation Scanner
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging 
  • Nondestructive Testing(NDT) and Industrial Computed Tomography(CT)
  • Environmental Radiation Detection
  • Baggage Safety Inspection
LYSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystals

LYSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystals

  • High Light Output and Short Decay Time
  • High Density and Anti-radiation Hardness
  • Stable Chemical and Physical Properties
  • Maximum Size: ɸ105mm x 200mm
  • LYSO(Ce) Single Crystals and LYSO(Ce) Arrays Available

GAGG(Ce) Arrays

GAGG(Ce) Arrays

  • Good matching for photodiode and avalanche diode readout
  • Best light output in all series of oxide crystals and Fast decay time
  • No self-radiation and Non- hygroscopic
  • High density (LuAG:Ce, GAGG:Ce) and very high light yields (GAGG:Ce)
  • Customized sizes or specifications available upon your request
  • Minimum pixel or crystal element size : 0.3mm x 0.3mm
  • Applications:Positron Emission Tomography(PET), PEM, SPECT and CT SPECT scan systems, Neutron sensors, Oil detection equipments and security inspection equipments,Geophysics

GAGG(Ce) Scintillator Crystals

GAGG(Ce) Scintillator Crystals