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GAGG(Ce) Arrays

  • High density (LuAG:Ce, GAGG:Ce)
  • Very high light yields (GAGG:Ce)
  • Good matching for photodiode and avalanche diode readout
  • Very good machining properties
  • Fast decay time

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Basic Properties:

Wavelength Range 475 – 800nm Density 6.63g/cm3
Hygroscopicity No Melting Point 1850°C
Hardness 8 Mhos Decay Time ≤88 ns
Solubility N/A Refractive Index 1.9 @540nm
Light Yield 57000 photons/MeV Energy resolution 5.2%@662keV


Note: Other sizes or specifications can be customized upon your request.
GAGG(Ce) scintillator crystals are useful in diverse applications such as:
Medical Imaging - PET, PEM, SPECT and CT
Specialist applications in high energy, nuclear, space and medical physics

GAGG(Ce) has best light output in all series of oxide crystal. Besides, it has good energy resolution, High density, non-selfradiation, Non- hygroscopic. It’s widely used in PET, PEM, SPECT, CT , X-ray &Gamma ray detection. 
Yttrium aluminium garnet Y3Al5O12:Ce (YAG:Ce) and Lutetium Aluminum Garnet activated by cerium (Lu3Al5O12:Ce, LuAG:Ce) are fast and bright scintillation materials. The decay time is 70-100ns. This is of advantage in time dependent and coincidence measurements. The wavelength of scintillation emission is about 530-550 nm, which is ideal for photodiode and avalanche diode readout. 
GAGG(Ce) is an ideal scintillation crystals, which is widely used in Nuclear medicine (Medical imaging system, such as Position Emission Tomography, PET, PET/CT, and SPECT scan system), Neutron sensor, Oil detection equipment and security inspection equipment.

GAGG Wavelength

GAGG Channel Number

Application Notes:

  • Environment monitoring
  • Nuclear medicine – PET matrices, imaging screens for X-ray, gamma and beta detection
  • Geophysics
  • HEP and Astrophysics – high energy gamma and charged particle detection
GAGG(Ce) Scintillators

GAGG(Ce) Scintillators

  • No hygroscopic
  • High light output
  • High energy resolution
  • Fast decay time
  • High uniformity