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Light Guide for Scintillator Arrays

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Optical glass is mainly used in the field of medicine, aerospace, aviation, conventional weapons equipment, etc. In the field of optoelectronic Information, optical glass is the main material for manufacturing optical lenses and optical instruments. We use various kinds of optical glass manufacture light guide materials, such as BK7 glass.

BK7 glass component is as follows:

  • SiO2=69.13%
  • B2O3=10.75%
  • BaO=3.07%
  • Na2O=10.40%
  • K2O=6.29%
  • As2O3=0.36%
  • Index of refraction:1.51630
  • Dispersion: 0.00806
  • Abbe number: 64.06

When the dimension of the scintillating crystals or arrays is not matching with the target readout device, a light guide is needed to match them. Hangzhou Shalom EO provides the light guide made from BK7 optical glass according to your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.