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SP102 for Beta Ray Detection


  • For Beta-Ray detection
  • High detection efficiency
  • Excellent uniformity
  • No deformation

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Substrate Materials Polystyrene Density (g/cm3) 1.023
Refractive Index 1.58 Light-output (related to anthracene crystals ) 64%
Emission Peak Wavelength (nm) 423 Decay Time (ns) 24
Softening Temperature (℃) 75 Operation Temperature Range (℃) -40 ~ 55
Measuring Range 50keV ~ 3MeV

SP102 series plastic scintillators are developed for Beta-Ray (or β-ray) detection, the thickness is often at range of 0.25~1.0mm, for small thickness could decrease the light-output generated by Gamma-Ray (or γ-ray). SP102 is made from the same kind of materials of SP101, but the doping composition is different.

SP102 has high detection efficiency, excellent uniformity and no deformation.