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Lithium Glass Scintillators SG101 for Neutron Detection

  • High detection efficiency for Thermal Neutron Detection
  • Short Decay time and Good Thermal Property
  • Excellent n-γ ray discrimination properties
  • Various Shapes available
  • Applications in nuclear power plants, nuclear waste treatment facilities, environmental radiation monitoring systems,ect.
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Density (g/cm3) 2.3 Li-6 Doping 7.5-11.2wt%
Light Output (relative to NaI(Tl)) 12% Measuring Range thermal neutron
Scintillation Decay Time (ns) 53 Emission Peak Wavelength (nm) 416
Energy Resolution for Thermal Neutron ≦28% Operation Temperature Range -150℃ ~ 200℃

SG101 is a kind of Lithiium-6 doped glass (Li-6 glass) scintillators used in thermal neutron detection, it has a high efficiency for thermal neutron detection, with short decay time, excellent n-γ ray discrimination and good thermal properties. Li-6 glass is often made into cylindrical or rectangular shape in applications.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the custom 6Li Lithium glass scintillators according customer's request, our lithium glass scintilaltors are used in the nuclear power plant, nuclear waste treatment facilities, environmental radiation monitoring system ect., which would monitor the environmental neutron radiation accurately. Li-6 glass scintlaltors are also used in neutron flight time experiment, well-logging, non destructive test and neutron photography applications.