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  • SP101 Plastic Scintillators
  • SP101 Plastic Scintillators

SP101 Plastic Scintillators

  • Easy to be processed into various shapes
  • High transparency
  • Easy to be processed into large volume scintillators
  • Short decay time(10^-8~10^-9s)
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good vibration resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good humidity resistance
  • Best anti-radiation property

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Basic Properties:

Base Materials Polystyrene  Density (g/cm3) 1.02
Softening Temperature (°C)
75 Operating Temperature (°C) -40~55
Wavelength of Emission Max. (nm) 423 Refractive index @ Emission Max 1.58
Decay Time (ns) 2.4 Photoelectron Yield (% of NaI(Tl)) (for γ-rays)


Modules or Types:

Standard sized plastic scintillators of SP101








Organic or plastic scintillators has high transparency and excellent durability, good resistance to vibration, impact and humidity, it also has extremely high anti-radiation properties. Plastic scintillators is low cost and easy availability of large dimension and various shape. Plastic scintillators has short decay time and relatively high light output. For its excellent properties, plastic scintillators has been widely used in the X-ray, Gamma ray detection. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the SP101 plastic scintillators, it is a kind of polystyrene plastics, which is made by thermal polymerzation processing of styrene monomer,POPOP and p-terphenyl radiation materials. SP101 is quick scintillators with decay time of 2.4nm, it has relatively good light output which is 20%-30% of NaI(Tl), and peak emission wavelength of 423nm. 

Shalom EO offers the custom SP101 plastic scintillators in variety shapes, such as plates, disks, blocks, rods, cylinders, cubes and rings, and with the optional reflector materials and packing design. Shalom EO also offers the plastic scintillation detection assemblies of integration of SP101 with light guide, Photo-multiplier Tube (PMT) and Silicon Photo Diodes (Si PD), the electronic modules could be installed if it is requested.  

Application Notes:

  • Isotope gauge
  • Vehicle radiation detection
  • Environmental radiation monitoring
  • Anti-Compton detector
Scintillators+PMT+Electronics Detector Assemblies

Scintillators+PMT+Electronics Detector Assemblies


  • PMT by Beijing Hamamatsu, ET 
  • Variety Scintillators: NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl), CsI(Na), LYSO(Ce), BGO, plastic scintillators, LaBr3(Ce) , LaCl3(Ce) or CeBr3 
  • Voltage Divider, Preamplifier and High Voltage Modules and Connectors available


SP102 for Beta Ray Detection

SP102 for Beta Ray Detection


  • For Beta-Ray detection
  • High detection efficiency
  • Excellent uniformity
  • No deformation


SP121 for Alpha Ray + Beta Ray Detection

SP121 for Alpha Ray + Beta Ray Detection


  • For both Alpha Ray and Beta Ray Detection
  • Good uniformity