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SP123 series for Alpha Ray Detection

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Substrate Materials PMMA ZnS(Ag)
Density(g/cm3 1.19 4.1
Light Output (related to anthracene crystals ) 280%
Emission Peak Wavelength (nm) 450
Decay Time (ns) 200
Operation Temperature Range(℃) -40~55 -40~55
Thickness of Painting Layer(mg/cm2 4.5

SP123 series plastic scintillators are used to α-ray detection. A ZnS(Ag) layer are painted on the surface of PMMA. The thickness of ZnS(Ag) is usually 4.5mg/cm2.The common thickness of PMMA is between 0.1 to 10mm. With good ductility, it can be made to big size, like 1000x1000mm.

An advanced and sophisticated processing are used to make the ZnS(Ag) painting, the final products has an excellent homogeneity and uniformity.