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GAGG(Ce) Scintillation Screens 20x20x0.1mm

Code: 533-006

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Materials Ce doped GAGG single crystals Size 20x20(+0.0/-0.1)mm
Thickness 0.1(+/-0.01)mm Surface Quality 60/40 S/D (or custom)
Coating none Substrate and Mount None

GAGG(Ce) - Gadolinium Aluminium Gallium Garnet (Gd₃Al₂Ga₃O₁₂) doped with Ce, is a newly developed scintillator material. GAGG(Ce) scintillator crystals are one of the brightest scintillators with an emission peak at 520nm, which means a well matching to Photo Diodes (PD) and Silicon Photon Multiplier (SiPM). GAGG(Ce) has good radiation hardness, and is physically rugged and well fit for a broad range of applications. Furthermore, GAGG(Ce) scintillation crystals have good energy resolution and high density, they are non-selfradiation and non- hygroscopic. 

The thin flat scintillation crystals can be used as the scintillation screens directly, which have extraordinary high spacial resolutions. Scintillation thin screens are used to detect proton beams, electron beams, low energy X-rays (or soft X-rays), Ultra-Violet (UV) light, Deep Ultra-Violet (DUV) light, Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) and Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV or XUV) radiations, they are widely used in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), high resolution soft x-ray detection and Ultra-Violet lasers systems.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the stocked and custom GAGG(Ce) thin scintillation screens and plates, they could be provided in forms of free-standing crystals, installation in aluminum holders and bonding to ultra-violet fused silica substrates, the minimum thickness 0.05mm for free-standing GAGG(Ce) crystals and minimum thickness of 0,.01mm for FS substrate bonding are available. The high surface quality of 10/5 S/D and aluminum coating is also optional.

2 weeks
GAGG(Ce) Arrays

GAGG(Ce) Arrays

  • Good matching for photodiode and avalanche diode readout
  • Best light output in all series of oxide crystals and Fast decay time
  • No self-radiation and Non- hygroscopic
  • High density (LuAG:Ce, GAGG:Ce) and very high light yields (GAGG:Ce)
  • Customized sizes or specifications available upon your request
  • Minimum pixel or crystal element size : 0.3mm x 0.3mm
  • Applications:Positron Emission Tomography(PET), PEM, SPECT and CT SPECT scan systems, Neutron sensors, Oil detection equipments and security inspection equipments,Geophysics

Customized Scintillation Screens

Customized Scintillation Screens

  • For high spacial resolutions application
  • Minimum 0.05mm for free standing screens
  • Minimum 0.01mm for screens with Fused Silica (FS) substrates
  • Aluminum Coating Available
  • Scintillation Materials including YAG(Ce), GAGG(Ce), LuAG(Ce), LYSO(Ce), YAP(Ce)  and CsI(Tl)
  • Applications: Detection of proton beams, Electron beams, Soft X-Rays, UV light, VUV and XUV radiation

GAGG(Ce) Scintillator Crystals

GAGG(Ce) Scintillator Crystals