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  • YAP(Ce) Scintillators
  • YAP(Ce) Scintillators

YAP(Ce) Scintillators

  • Fine physical and chemical characteristics
  • Suitable for ultra-thin screen applications
  • Suitable for tomography systems
  • Fast decay time: 40ns
  • High light output

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Basic Properties:

Density (g/cm3) 5.4 Melting Point (°C) 1875
Refractive Index at Peak Emission 1.95 Emission Peak (nm) 370
Emission Spectral Range (nm) 325-425 Decay Time (ns) 40
Light Output (photons/KeV) 18 Radiation Length (cm) 2.7
Hygroscopic None Cleavage Plane None



Growth Method Czochralsk Formula YAlO3(cerium content: 0.2~1.2 at%)
Maximum Dimension ∅ 50 mm x 160 mm Available Items Single crystal
Metal Coating Al, Au, Ag etc. Protective Coating SiO2

Cerium doped yttrium aluminum (or Ce:YAP) crystals is a type of fast scintillating materials, it is mechanically strong and chemically inert, suitable for precise mechanical fabrications. A very thin aluminum layer film could be deposited on the entrance surface to avoid the light-sensitivity. YAP(Ce) can well suit for imagining applications due to its ultra-low energy secondary X-ray emissions. Ce:YAP detectors are widely used in the field of gamma and X-ray counting, electron microscopy, electron and X-ray imaging screens, and computer tomography systems.


  1. Growth method: Czochralski
  2. Formula: YAlO3(cerium content: 0.2~1.2 at%)
  3. Maximum dimension: ∅ 50 mm x 160 mm
  4. Available items: single crystals
  5. Metal coating: Al, Au, Ag etc.
  6. Protective coating: SiO2

Application Notes:

  • Scanning electron microscope(SEM)
  • Ultra-thin imaging screens
  • Electron imaging
  • Gamma, X-ray counter
  • X-ray imaging