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  • YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal
  • YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal
  • YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal
  • YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal
  • YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal
  • YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal

YSO(Ce) Scintillator Crystal

  • High density of 4.5g/cm^3
  • High anti-radiation hardness
  • Short decay time
  • Maximum Dimensions: φ 80mm × 160mm
  • YSO(Ce) crystals and YSO(Ce) Pixelated Arrays offered
  • Applications: Security industry, Semiconductor, Photooptic application, Positron emission tomography (PET), Nuclear medicine
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Basic Properties:

Density(g/cm3) 4.50 Melting Point (K) 2273
Refractive Index 1.8 Emission Peak (nm) 420
Decay Time (ns) 50-70 Light Output (photons/Mev) 10000
Effective Atomic Number(z) 39 Hygroscopic None
Cleavage Plane None

Cerium doped Silicate Yttrinm YSO(Ce)  belongs to monoclinic rare earth orthosilicate crystal, which has a peak emission wavelength of 420nm. YSO(Ce) scintillators have a similar decay time to LYSO(Ce) (50-70ns), but it has no background (Lutecium), which is critical for precise detection fields. YSO(Ce) crystal has a high density of 4.5g/cm^3, and high radiation resistance, it has good mechanical properties and is non-deliquescent. YSO(Ce) scintillator crystals are used in high energy, nuclear and space physics, industrial NDT, nuclear medicine, Positron emission tomography (PET), and industrial Non-Destructive Test (NDT) applications.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers custom YSO(Ce) scintillation crystals according to customers' requests, our CdWO4 crystals are grown by the Czochralski method, and the available maximum crystals size is φ 80mm × 160mm. Besides, YSO(Ce) Scintillation Arrays are also accessible in Shalom EO.


  • High energy physics, nuclear and space physics
  • Security industry
  • Industrial NDT
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Nuclear medicine

YSO(Ce) Scintillation Arrays

YSO(Ce) Scintillation Arrays

  • High density and good energy resolution
  • Low after-glow and fast decay time
  • Good matching for PMT readout
  • Minimum pixel or crystal element size : 0.3mm x 0.3mm


BaF2 Scintillator Crystal

BaF2 Scintillator Crystal

  • Sub-nanosecond decay time
  • Low absorption at emission wavelength
  • Slightly hydroscopic
  • Maximum size: φ120mm x 200mm
  • Applications: Positron Lifetime Studies, Time of Flight measurements, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), High Energy Physics