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Super Polished Substrates or Mirrors

In some demanding applications like DUV (deep ultraviolet) lasers, ultra-high power laser systems and ring laser gyroscope, high reflection and low scattering mirrors are one of the necessary and critical components, low roughness substrates is used to make this kind of mirrors, the super-polishing technique is often used to make the low roughness mirrors substrates. Hangzhou Shalom EO develop the super-polishing technique to make the mirrors or substrates of roughness less than 1Å, by our classical super polishing line, atom force roughness measuring system and Zygo interference flatness test instrument, we are able to provide the laser gyro mirrors in stable and identical quality and volume quantity.

Unique classical polishing method

Although the magnetorheological fluid polishing method is thought to be a promising way to make the extra lower roughness optical surfaces, but its high-cost and low producing rate makes it unpractical in industrial applications, therefore most of the super-polished optics are made from the classical polishing method. A unique processing of classical polishing are developed to make the super-polished optics, the pitch plate is used as the polishing module, <1Å roughness can be obtained by our polishing art. The testing show that our substrates and mirrors works well in the laser gyro system.

Test results by Atom Force