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300-900 nm Lithium Tantalate Thin Films (LTOI)

  • Ultra-thin thickness 300-900nm LiTaO3 thin films based on silicon substrates
  • Unique electro-optical, pyroelectric, piezoelectric, and acoustic properties
  • Diameters: 3”, 4”, 6”(typical), or other custom diameters
  • Orientations:Y-42, Y-46.3, Z, etc.
  • Optional SiO2 isolation layers are available
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Top Functional Layer
Diameter 3, 4, 6 inches, or other custom diameters
Orientation Y-42, Y-46.3, Z, etc.
Material LiTaO3
Thickness 300-900 nm
Isolation Layer
Material SiO2
Thickness 300-4000nm
Material Si
Thickness 400-500μm


Modules or Types:

Single-crystal Lithium Tantalate Thin Film
Silicon Substrates

Lithium Tantalate (litao3) crystal has excellent piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties and is extensively used to manufacture radio frequency front-end filters and pyroelectric infrared detectors. Lithium tantalate crystal belongs to the trigonal system, 3m point group, and r3c space group. Due to its anisotropic lattice structure, different orientations have different application fields. For example, in the area of radio frequency front-end devices, orientations of lithium tantalate wafers majorly include 38-degree y-x cut, 42-degree y-x cut, 50-degree y-x cut, etc. In the pyroelectric field, the most prevalent orientation of LiTaO wafers is z-cut.

Along with the rapid development of fifth-generation mobile communications and the Internet of Things, RF front-end filters are evolving towards higher operating frequencies, larger bandwidths, and smaller sizes. This development trend puts forward a growing demand for RF filters of higher performance. Integrating lithium tantalate and silicon-based substrates to prepare silicon-based lithium tantalate piezoelectric thin film substrates (Lithium Tantalate On Insulator, LTOI) will be accessing a new path to manufacture saw (surface acoustic wave) with high q value (quality factor) and low tcf (temperature coefficient of frequency). In addition, LiTaO3 Thin films are also expected to stimulate the utilization of SAW modes with higher acoustic velocities, which is helpful in increasing the operating frequency of filters, and of great significance to meet the requirement of spectrum expansion posed by the 5G technologies.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers custom Lithium Tantalate Thin Films on Silicon Substrates. Various cut directions are available, the thickness of the functional LiTaO3 layer is 300-900nm to choose between, and SiO2 insulation layers are optional.